Term 4 workshops 2017: Pinterest, Mailchimp and preparing for 2018

It’s exciting for my social media and blogging workshops to be back in North Beach in the lovely new Flowspace venue. (Extra handy for northern suburbs Perth people but not too far for anyone really – and it’s by the beach, great for summer!)

Coming up over November, I’ve got three workshops planned, and broadly speaking they’re about Pinterest, newsletters and Mailchimp, and getting your small business social media and blog ready for 2018. More details below, and email me any time with questions.

Amanda Kendle workshop preparation for Pinterest and Mailchimp in Perth

16 November 2017: Newsletter and mailing list strategy for your business or blog, with Mailchimp

I’m repeating this popular workshop because lots of people come to me asking for help with figuring out how to make the best newsletter they can – and how to get people onto their list in the first place. It can be such a valuable tool to use and we’ll work through it using Mailchimp, which is free if you have under 2,000 people on your list.


22 November 2017: Use Pinterest to drive visitors to your site

Pinterest is like a secret superpower that few people have yet worked out how to manage. We call it social media but really Pinterest is a visual search engine, and you can get thousands of new visits to your website with much less overall effort than true social media. I get about 90% of my social traffic to my travel blog from Pinterest and I’ll show you how I do it.


25 November 2017: Get your blog or business ready for 2018: Blogging and social media strategy and planning

Whether you’re a lapsed blogger or a small business/solopreneur/creative who needs to get a better handle on integrating blogging and social media into your life: this is the workshop to make sure 2018 is the year you do this effectively! We’ll look at what’s working now for blogging and social media and I’ll help you develop a personalised plan to do this fabulously in 2018.


I look forward to seeing you in one of my workshops this November! If you can’t make it at this time but want to register your interest, or have another topic you’d like to learn about, then email me and let me know.

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