Yippee!!! Problogger on the Gold Coast, here I come

I’m going to ProBlogger!! Call me a geek (I’ve heard geeks are the new cool, anyway) but I am VERY excited to be going to a conference where every single person I see will not only know what a blog is, they will LOVE blogging. I was so thrilled when I got a ticket a few months back, especially as the Earlybird tickets sold out within hours but I managed to get one!

The ProBlogger Training Event has been held annually for a few years now but it’s the exact same few years since I had the baby who is now Mr3, so it’s been hard to get away. 2013 is my year.

In one of my former lives as an academic I got quite used to going to conferences and I mostly enjoyed them, but in the last few years I haven’t had as many chances. Apart from attending the Media140 conference in Perth in 2011, and speaking at it in 2012, I haven’t had much chance to meet many blogging and social media world identities up close, so you can imagine I’m a bit excited. Will I get to speak to Mr Problogger himself, the delightful Darren Rowse? (I hope so!) – and will he serve up a keynote address something like the one below from the recent World Domination Summit (worth a watch!)? Plus there’s a huge list of other people I’m hoping to meet. Just the list of speakers is amazing – practically a wishlist of people I would like to listen to (and meet).

Darren Rowse from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

The biggest problem I see will be selecting which session to go to as a number of the concurrent sessions are about topics I’m interested in – for example, at some stage I’ll have to choose between a session run by one of my online world heroes, Valerie Khoo, about business blogging, and another on building community (so important too!) from a panel featuring bloggers I have followed for years like Craig Makepeace and Nicole Avery. Pretty sure it will have to be a coin toss for some of them. Thankfully I can catch up later by accessing it all online but there will still be some tricky choices.

(Speaking of accessing it online – there is a “Virtual Pass” which will give you access to all of the recorded material from the whole conference, plus slideshows etc and a few webinars – available to download or listen to whenever you want. If you’re interested head to the Virtual Pass page – disclaimer from me, that’s an affiliate link so I get a commission if you sign up.)

Anyway, once mid-September hits I’m sure you’ll hear a LOT about the ProBlogger event from me on all my social media profiles, and I will definitely have a bunch of blog posts coming out afterwards with the most exciting things I’ve learnt. I have a feeling I’ll be filling pages and pages (or virtual pages at least) with ideas of what to do with my blog and my business to keep moving onwards and upwards and no doubt I’ll have lots of new ideas for my regular clients, too.

So, if you’re off to ProBlogger too, I’ll see you there (like my dear friend Jo of Zigazag who is brave enough to room with me!) and if not, watch this space and you will find out what I’m up to there.

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