Blogging in Bali: Retreat with me!

Blogging in Bali retreat with Amanda Kendle

I get to do all kinds of fun things for my work but this is going straight near the top of my list: I’m running a five-day Blogging in Bali retreat as part of the Creative Living Retreats series run by Anna Kwiecinska!

What? You’re “working” in Bali?

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. The good thing is that you can join me too. This retreat is running 21-25 June 2018 and is going to be a really intense extra-long-weekend of concentrated work and learning on your blog … along with some eastern Bali-related fun, of course. It will be held at Villa Nilaya which is located on the eastern side of the island, in rather nice surroundings, as you can see in the photo below. Looks a bit beautiful, right? Continue reading “Blogging in Bali: Retreat with me!”

Blogging and social media workshops in Perth for August – November 2016

Calling all Perth people: ready to learn some new stuff?? I’m ready to teach it! The new program of social media and blogging workshops for the rest of 2016 is now here. If you took part in my annual survey by email you’ll notice a bunch of the workshops you wanted to see are included below, hopefully ready to solve some of the problems you’ve been having with promoting your blog or business on social media, as well as just simply getting your blog up and running regularly. Continue reading “Blogging and social media workshops in Perth for August – November 2016”