Social media and education

I’m just planning some professional development training for a bunch of high school teachers, so it is excellent timing that I came across this infographic on How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media:

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How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media  | Infographic |

Lots of interesting facts and figures in there, and confirms my opinion that Facebook and blogging are not bad things at all! I’ll be able to use this infographic at my Safe Social Networking course for parents next week, too.

Tips for bloggers

Here’s a collation of some useful pages I’ve found on blogging lately. You can also see regular links coming up if you join my Facebook page.

  • Some useful tips on improving your About page, since it’s often a frequently visited part of your blog
  • How to keep your blog safe from hackers, spammers and any other nasty guys
  • Timeless and reasonably standard but still must-do methods to promote your blog
  • Privacy, setting boundaries, and basically the best question to consider before you start blogging: how much will you tell?