Blogging and social media workshops in Perth for August – November 2016

Calling all Perth people: ready to learn some new stuff?? I’m ready to teach it! The new program of social media and blogging workshops for the rest of 2016 is now here. If you took part in my annual survey by email you’ll notice a bunch of the workshops you wanted to see are included below, hopefully ready to solve some of the problems you’ve been having with promoting your blog or business on social media, as well as just simply getting your blog up and running regularly.

Blogging and social media workshops in Perth in 2016 with Amanda Kendle

For now the workshops are still taking place north of the river in Perth (at the Beach Boardroom in North Beach), but if you are south of the river and keen to attend workshops down there, do email me and let me know – if there’s enough interest I’ll set up a venue down there too.

All details are below: just click on the date/time links to get all the details and book tickets. Most of the workshops are two hours long and tickets are $45 + GST; the long-requested Pinterest workshop is three hours for $75 + GST (I know a bunch of you will be glad about finally getting Pinterest happening!). So without further ado, here they are:

Optimising your blog content: Make your blog posts pretty much perfect

Saturday 20th August 9.30am – 11.30am

OR Tuesday 18th October 9.30am – 11.30am

Content is king, right – so let’s figure out how to make your blog posts pretty much perfect. You will leave this workshop with a ready-to-go content plan and editorial calendar for your blog and a whole host of ways to make your blog posts better than the rest in terms of SEO, readability and scannability and unique blogging voice.

We will cover:

  • Creating a content plan for your blog and how to develop (and stick to) an editorial calendar
  • Including SEO research to ensure the quality and searchability of your blog post – good Search Engine Optimisation means more traffic
  • Refining your blogging “voice” and writing with your readers in mind
  • Ensuring each blog post you publish is scannable, useful and shareable
  • Optimising the images you use in your blog posts so they work for blog readers and social media users of all kinds

Getting Facebook to work for you and your business or blog

Saturday 29th October 9.30am – 11.30am

You might hear lots of people complain about how Facebook is always changing and it’s hard to reach your customers or readers. But flip that around: Faceobok is a massive database of people the world over, and a way to reach your people both for free and with really cost-effective advertising, and it’s worth using, and using well.

You’ll leave this workshop with a new appreciation for the power of Facebook, a concrete plan to make your Facebook posting efficient, understanding how Facebook groups work, too, and with a new understanding of Facebook advertising beyond hitting “boost post”.

We will cover:

  • Assessing what your target audience is doing on Facebook
  • Optimising your Facebook page by building a chatty, sharing community
  • Using an editorial calendar to batch and schedule your Facebook content for maximum efficiency
  • Looking at Facebook groups and whether establishing or participating in Facebook groups can help you out
  • A beginner’s guide to Facebook advertising with the Ads Manager and the Power Editor, using custom audiences and other sneaky and powerful stuff.

Newsletter and mailing list strategy for your business or blog

Tuesday 30th August, 9.30am – 11.30am

Did you know I once had to stop sending my Mailchimp newsletter out so frequently because it was generating too much business?

You will leave this workshop with a well-planned strategy for getting more people onto your mailing list, figuring out what to send them and knowing how to turn them into customers, clients or regular readers – whichever your goal.

We will cover:

  • Encouraging people to sign up to your newsletter mailing list, with a plan for creating opt-in bonus content as well as knowing where else to add sign up forms
  • Developing a content plan so that creating your newsletters is quick and easy
  • Planning a strategy to convert mailing list subscribers to people who pay for your products or services, or are regular blog readers and advocates

I will use MailChimp to demonstrate but the principles can be applied to any mailing list platform, and we’ll briefly cover the pros and cons of some of the other main platforms.

Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website

Saturday 29th October 12.30pm – 3.30pm

OR Tuesday 8th November 9.30am – 12.30pm

Pinterest sends an astonishing amount of traffic to my blog – and I want it to do the same for you, too. The beauty of Pinterest is that unlike other social media, Pinterest doesn’t rely on being social and is more like a visual search engine. You’ll leave this workshop with a real plan in place to use Pinterest to its full effect and gain a whole new bunch of visitors to your site.

We will cover:

  • How to optimise your Pinterest profile and get “rich pins” for your site
  • What Pinterest boards you should use
  • How to create images for your posts that will get the most attention on Pinterest
  • Developing an efficient pinning strategy to encourage the most repins and drive traffic to your site
  • The option of using scheduling tools like Tailwind to make Pinterest quick and easy for you

If you don’t yet have a Pinterest profile, choose a Business profile if you want to set one up before the workshop.

Blogging and social media workshops in 2016 with Amanda Kendle in Perth
Blogging and social media workshops in 2016 with Amanda Kendle in Perth

Talks at public libraries across Perth – blogging, social media and more

Back when I was a school girl (and I’m thinking particularly of Year 12 maths with Mrs Deeks), I got in trouble quite often for talking too much. (This won’t come as a particular surprise to anyone who’s met me, I suspect.)

These days, I get paid to talk! Oh, the irony. The strange part is I usually get paid to talk about stuff that was way off being invented back when I was at school, which in part makes me feel really old, and in part reminds me that blogging and social media are a most amazing invention which have changed so much about my world in a very, very short space of time. And that’s one of the main reasons why people want to hear me talk about them so often.

Amanda Kendle doing a library talk at Town of Victoria Park Library
With the audience at a talk at Victoria Park Library

My blogging and social media talks at libraries in Perth

Over the last four or five years, I have been lucky enough to be asked to speak at a dozen or so libraries across Perth. It’s a job I always enjoy, because libraries tend to attract people who are my kind of people – but they just don’t know that much about blogging or social media yet, and they want to.

The topics I’ve been asked to talk about are pretty wide-ranging (and have dipped into my interests in travel and fiction writing too, which is perfect for me), and a few of these have been:


Testimonials from my talks at Perth public libraries

Warning – a little piece of blowing-my-own-trumpet coming up here, mostly because I really want to collate all this lovely feedback in one spot. I think because I love doing these kind of talks they always turn out to be enjoyable for both me and the attendees and so people tell me warm fuzzy things like the following.

You were fab, approachable, laid-back, easy to talk to and of course really know your stuff. (Ripeka Hitaua, A/Library Program Supervisor, City of Gosnells)


Thank you for sharing your knowledge on social media, we are still receiving fantastic feedback from those who attended! (Hoi Ng, formerly E-Services Librarian, Town of Victoria Park Library)


Loved the interaction with the presenter.
Simple, short and interesting, informative overview which covered important key questions about blogging. (Participants at City of Gosnells talk)


Very good overview for an audience with varying skills!
Well presented and informative.
Excellent presentation. (Shire of Kalamunda talk)


If you’re from a Perth library and you’d like to book me for a talk, please feel free to email me – I’d love to help you out!

Past talks

Travel blogging talk with Amanda Kendle


Amanda Kendle - public talks at libraries in Perth