Talks at public libraries across Perth – blogging, social media and more

Back when I was a school girl (and I’m thinking particularly of Year 12 maths with Mrs Deeks), I got in trouble quite often for talking too much. (This won’t come as a particular surprise to anyone who’s met me, I suspect.)

These days, I get paid to talk! Oh, the irony. The strange part is I usually get paid to talk about stuff that was way off being invented back when I was at school, which in part makes me feel really old, and in part reminds me that blogging and social media are a most amazing invention which have changed so much about my world in a very, very short space of time. And that’s one of the main reasons why people want to hear me talk about them so often.

Amanda Kendle doing a library talk at Town of Victoria Park Library
With the audience at a talk at Victoria Park Library

My blogging and social media talks at libraries in Perth

Over the last four or five years, I have been lucky enough to be asked to speak at a dozen or so libraries across Perth. It’s a job I always enjoy, because libraries tend to attract people who are my kind of people – but they just don’t know that much about blogging or social media yet, and they want to.

The topics I’ve been asked to talk about are pretty wide-ranging (and have dipped into my interests in travel and fiction writing too, which is perfect for me), and a few of these have been:


Testimonials from my talks at Perth public libraries

Warning – a little piece of blowing-my-own-trumpet coming up here, mostly because I really want to collate all this lovely feedback in one spot. I think because I love doing these kind of talks they always turn out to be enjoyable for both me and the attendees and so people tell me warm fuzzy things like the following.

You were fab, approachable, laid-back, easy to talk to and of course really know your stuff. (Ripeka Hitaua, A/Library Program Supervisor, City of Gosnells)


Thank you for sharing your knowledge on social media, we are still receiving fantastic feedback from those who attended! (Hoi Ng, formerly E-Services Librarian, Town of Victoria Park Library)


Loved the interaction with the presenter.
Simple, short and interesting, informative overview which covered important key questions about blogging. (Participants at City of Gosnells talk)


Very good overview for an audience with varying skills!
Well presented and informative.
Excellent presentation. (Shire of Kalamunda talk)


If you’re from a Perth library and you’d like to book me for a talk, please feel free to email me – I’d love to help you out!

Past talks

Travel blogging talk with Amanda Kendle


Amanda Kendle - public talks at libraries in Perth


Using social media on your travels

I spent yesterday evening at the Scarborough Library here in Perth chatting with a bunch of travel-mad locals about how best to use social media on your travels. As usual at these kind of library talks, I get to meet a variety of people with varying levels of expertise in social media but this group had another interest in common, which made for lots of interesting interaction.

What I hadn’t expected (although it’s logical, in retrospect) was that most of these attendees are planning incredible trips for 2013! One is headed to Everest Base Camp, another to scale Kilimanjaro, yet another to drive around the United States for a year, someone spending six months backpacking around South America … the list goes on. To say I was a little envious is an understatement!

Fortunately, I managed to (more or less) get over my jealousy and continue to tell them all about the possible social media tools they might consider using to keep family and friends back home informed about their travels, and to reach new friends (and even strangers!) to get information to help them on their trips.

We covered enormous ground in just an hour, talking about Facebook, Twitter, blogging and Instagram and you can imagine I was rather thrilled when it sounded like a few new blogs might be some of the aftermath of the talk! As usual, I also learned a lot – for example, I hadn’t realised to what extend Cuba blocks social media and this will be a communication stumbling block for one of last night’s attendees who’s planning to spend a month there as part of her South American jaunt.

Of course, being there is the best option but if you couldn’t make it, here’s the overview of what we talked about.

Thanks to Stig Nygaard for the Kilimanjaro pic