Mastermind Group for Writers: Help with Social Media, Blogging and Accountability

You might have noticed one of the things I love doing in my business is running mastermind groups here in Perth – they are a mix of accountability, training in social media and blogging, and networking. After three years of this face-to-face, I’ve decided to expand to an online option for writers and authors, because I keep getting requests from people outside of Perth! So, here are the details.

Online Mastermind Group for Writers: What does it mean?

A mastermind group is a fantastic way to get focused on your work and learn more skills to keep you moving forward. In my online mastermind group for writers, the format and details are:

  • We meet twice a month for an hour online using Zoom (we can all see each other, and we can record the meeting to play it back in our private group later – also handy if you happen to miss a meeting) (and if you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t stress, I’ll help you out!)
  • Each meeting will follow this structure: I’ll check up on your homework, answer questions about social media/blogging/etc, often connected to the training I’ve given recently, spotlight members in the “hot seat” for their questions, and get you all to set new objectives for next session.
  • We will have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions at any time and where I’ll be checking up on your progress towards your accountability goals
  • Within the Facebook group I will provide short video-based training in areas connected to social media and blogging, to help you continue to build your author platform and improve your relationship with current and future readers – for example, one week it might be tips on updating your LinkedIn profile and another it might be training on running Facebook ads. Training topics will arise from the needs of the group.
  • Each group will include a maximum of eight writers, plus me. Writers may be from any genre and any stage of their career – I’m a firm believer that every group member has something to offer. My face-to-face mastermind groups include members from diverse industries and business phases but they all work together so beautifully! It makes my heart sing.

What other writers have to say about working with me

I’ve been lucky to work with some fabulous writers here in Western Australia, and a couple have been kind enough to write something about their experiences:

Natasha Lester

Amanda’s knowledge of social media is, as you would expect, excellent, but what matters most is that she knows writers and has been working with writers like me for years so she can talk specifically about how social media and writing can best work together. And her manner of teaching is warm, friendly and engaging – I love working with her.

Louise Allan

I’ve been a member of one of Amanda Kendle’s Mastermind Groups for Writers for nearly two years. At first, social media appeared rather daunting, and it felt awkward promoting my work online, but our Mastermind Group was like having a cheer squad behind me and a safety net under me while I learnt the ropes. Within the group, we share problems, bounce ideas around and learn from each other. Amanda has shared her knowledge of the different platforms, and the small homework tasks she sets helps keep me on track. She truly knows everything there is to know when it comes to social media, and she’s lovely and understanding to boot!

How do I sign up for a Mastermind Group for Writers (and what does it cost)?

You can apply by filling out this mastermind group for writers application form, and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to help put you into a group and arrange payment.

Regularly, the Mastermind Group for Writers will cost A$49 +GST per calendar month, but I am having a launch special for the month of June – so if you sign up during June 2018, the cost will be only A$39 +GST per calendar month for as long as you are continuously a member!

If you have any questions at all about the group, please email me ( and I will help you out!